If you experience any of these problems, I can help you.

My mission is to help my clients become both happy and healthy. I may emphasize more than other therapists the impact of how helpful healthy eating and exercise can be. We can’t be emotionally healthy if we aren’t physically healthy.

Have you ever noticed it is not what is happening in your life that makes you happy (or unhappy) but rather your emotions about what is happening? I want to help you change how you feel. Especially how you feel about yourself.


If you are interesting in working with me…

Please call or text me at 586-799-2399. I offer free 20-minute in-person or phone consultations. Or you can email me at: suzannejohnsonstherapy@gmail.com

If you are interested in receiving therapy over the internet, I use VSee HIPAA-compliant telemedicine technology — used by NASA astronauts aboard the International Space Station.

My office is at 41800 Hayes Rd. Suite 206,  Clinton Twp., MI 48038. It is just north of 18 Mile Rd., on the east side of the road. In addition recently I have opened an office in Shelby Township, MI at 51424 Van Dyke, Suite 11. It is north of 23 mile rd.

And you can always look to my blog!

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