What is unique about me as a therapist?

  1. I have practiced as a social worker for 37 years and as a therapist for 31 years
  2. I am a recovering food addict and workaholic who has worked the 12 step program and can help others work this Recovery program. I am a successful artist who can help others overcome blocks to their creativity.
  3. I have over 40 audio talks on helpful topics on a flash drive with me at all times that I can transfer to your flashdrive to take home to listen to and learn from. For instance the talks: a) How to talk to anyone about everything b) Autism c) How to deal with someone who is verbally abusive d) after effects of trauma
  4. I have experience working with people who have experienced severe chronic trauma, including people with multiple personalities and dissociative disorders. For over 10 years I attended a trauma study group monthly where therapists discussed their hardest cases, had a large library of audio files about trauma, and sponsored workshops.
  5. I have personally experienced having chronic fatigue syndrome, chemical sensitivities, food allergies and fibromyalgia for over 15 years. I am much healthier now but I understand people who suffer some chronic serious health problems.
  6. I have an insatiable desire to learn more, especially how to help people who are suffering. I frequently listen to podcasts and youtube videos to increase my knowledge, skills and resources. On my youtube channel I have 19 play lists, 10 which are categories to help my clients with problems such as insomnia, highly sensitive people and trauma.
  7.  I have experience and special certification working with people with substance abuse problems. I have knowledge of eating disorders and resources to help people return to a healthy way of eating.